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Beauty in the Desert

It is now officially Monsoon season here in Arizona. This is the time of year here in the desert that the temperature routinely is in the triple digits. This time of year can be incredibly beautiful in spite of the heat outside. It is also the time of year that the state get the majority of its rainfall.

8102990_GThere are dust storms that can pop up quickly. While these dust storms can be dangerous they are fascinating to watch roll in like a wave and disappear as quickly as it arrives. These storms can be seen coming in the distance. They appear like a wall of brownish tan fog.

Then there are the powerful micro bursts that bring a lot of rain very quickly and end just as quickly. The picture below is an example of a micro burst of rain that covers a both large and small areas. The one way I describe seeing or being in such a burst of rain is like a taking a shower provided by mother nature. Well, sometimes it’s a 30 minute shower. When the rain hits, those triple digit temperatures quickly come down and bring some cooling relief from the desert heat.

14023379_GNext, there are the thunderstorms. A free light show in the sky several can occur several times during a week. Often, the lighting is cloud to cloud. However, the best shows to watch for me are the cloud to ground lighting storms followed up with the loud crash of thunder. Being originally from California, I hadn’t experienced many thunderstorms until moving to Arizona. They are powerful, yet so beautiful.

The only issue with the monsoon in Arizona is that you never know where the storms 636329671242684760-PNIBrd2-09-26-2016-Republic-1-A001--2016-09-25-IMG-PNI-weather26-1-1-LAFR15KV-L888560905-IMG-PNI-weather26-1-1-LAFR15KVwill pop up. One neighborhood of a city can be hit with high winds and rain and just one mile down the road it remains calm. It’s always unpredictable and our local meteorologists are just trying their best guess. Yes, this time of year can be very hot, humid and uncomfortable outside. But, the beauty of the storm clouds, sunsets, and thrilling weather make this area worth living in.




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Cancer Treatment Cycle 10 Adventure








Well, it’s time for me to fly back to Phoenix for my next round of cancer treatment for stage 4 kidney cancer.  But, there’s something different about this trip.  This time I won’t be flying back to California at the end of treatment.  I’m about to start a new adventure in the desert.  I’m moving to the greater Phoenix area.  This will allow me to be closer to Cancer Treatment Centers of America for my regular treatments.

I am both excited and anxious about the whole thing.  This relocation will be a little easier since I have a great support team already there with the friends I’ve made and my care team.  I am looking forward to volunteering at the center and being an encouragement to other cancer patients.  I am hoping that this move will help me to work on some personal issues that have hindered me for many years.  I am anxious about the reality that I am finally leaving California.  I have lived in the golden state all my life, so living in a whole new state is a new thing.  I have taken quite a few pictures of the coast lately to take with me on this new journey to the desert.

I am trusting the LORD to continue to open doors and heal my wounded soul as I make this new journey.

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