Cancer Update 2

So I am having the bronchoscopy today at 1:00.
I am hopeful that this procedure will go well and Dr. Turner will be able to remove the tumor.  I will be staying in the inpatient ward of Cancer Treatment Centers of America here in Phoenix overnight.

The Lord Jesus is my healer.

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Cancer Treatment Round 8 Part 1






Well I am flying off to the Phoenix area once again for another round of my Torisel treatment for Stage 4 Kidney Cancer.  It is a strange thing to be looking forward to going back to Cancer Treatment Centers of Americabut I am.  It is all because of the great and caring staff of the center.  My oncology team is wonderful and the staff know my name.  I will walk in the center tomorrow afternoon and be hugged and greeted by at least 5 staff members.  I am so blessed to have the opportunity to be treated at CTCA.

I am due to have an MRI on my brain tomorrow afternoon.  I have been experiencing some fatigue and dizziness lately.  So, my oncologist wants to make sure that the cancer hasn’t spread beyond my lungs to my brain.  I appreciate all of the prayers and support of my family and friends.

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Cancer Treatment Centers of America Part 1

Cancer Treatment Centers of America

I mentioned in a post last year that I am a cancer survivor.  I was diagnosed with kidney cancer in November 2012 and had my right kidney removed in February 2013.  I thought that was the end of my fight with cancer.  I discovered in December of 2013 that I was wrong.  I was diagnosed with stage 4 kidney cancer that had spread to my lungs.  Now my fight with cancer resumes.  My beautiful and smart wife decided to look into getting a 2nd opinion for my diagnosis with Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA).  I was having a delay in the medication that my oncologist at home was going to put me on.  There were several mix-ups with the pharmacy.  I can now see how this delay was the Lord’s way of helping us to get the right treatment for me elsewhere.  In just about a week’s time we were scheduled to come to the CTCA Western Regional Medical Center in Phoenix, AZ.  They paid for the flight for my wife and I and booked us into a nice hotel at a very discounted rate.  We were picked up at the airport in a limo and driven to the center.  I was so impressed with how caring and friendly the entire staff was to us as we entered.

My wife and I have been able to meet some wonderful people who are also battling cancer.  I thought they would have long sad faces.  I was wrong.  So far everyone we have met has been smiling and been such a source of encouragement as we now see we are not alone in this.

I had read some negative comments on websites about CTCA before coming here.  I now see that those folks don’t know what they’re talking about.  They are treating me as an individual patient.  I am not being rushed to different rooms or locations for tests or appointments.  The doctors and staff come to me in a room that has been set aside for me and all my appointments.  This is a first class, caring, compassionate place to get information and treatment for cancer.  Today, I meet with my medical team to discuss my treatment options.  I will post more about my experience with CTCA soon.

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My New Business Blog

business-01I have created a new blog on wordpress today that focuses on my observations and ideas in the area of business.  I have called it ‘Sansone Business Consulting‘.  I am hoping that this will eventually launch my own business consulting company.  For now, this will be a site for me to record my observations and ideas about current business culture and business operations.  I hope you will regularly follow this new site as well.

Follow the link to: http://johnasansonebiz.wordpress.com


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