Freedom of Movement

kymco-super-8-150-2_600x0wI love to walk, it helps me to clear my head and get great ideas. Walking is also a great form of exercise. Since I have moved to Arizona, I have had to walk almost exclusively to get from point A to point B.  It the fall and winter months walking isn’t so bad, since the weather is still mild.  But now that it is spring, the temperature is beginning to rise pretty quickly.  So I had to find a new form of transportation.

I had been looking into getting a simple motorized scooter to get me around.  I recently found a perfect scooter to meet my transportation needs.  I purchased a 2014 Kymco Super 8 150 with my tax refund and some help from generous donations online. This 149cc automatic scooter really has some “gitty up”. It can get up to 65 mph, but I don’t plan on testing that out.  I have hit a top speed of 50 mph on city streets and that is plenty fast for this motorcycle rookie. It has a 1.3 gallon fuel tank and gets around 69 mph.  So, I won’t have to spend much time or money filling up the tank.  It is a sturdy scooter and has the look and feel of a small motorcycle.  So far, the only downside to this scooter is it’s lack of adequate storage space under the seat.  The other scooters I looked at had enough space under the seat to store a helmet.  The Kymco Super 8 150, does not.  It does have a hook on under the handlebars to hang a helmet.  Arizona does not require a helmet to ride a motorcycle, but I purchased one anyway.  I would rather be safe than brain dead.

I am writing this post from Paradise Bakery and Cafe in Goodyear, AZ.  Normally I would not be able to walk this far to get to this cafe.  It is 3 miles from my apartment.  But, with my new scooter I have a new freedom of movement and can go places that I couldn’t get to before.  Now, I can travel further than my previous 2 mile radius on foot.  I can get to local grocery stores and shopping without having to walk or impose on friends with a car.  I have been traveling the last few days to areas of the city that I have not been to before.  It’s becoming somewhat of an adventure each time.  I love this new freedom of movement.

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