A Trip to the Dentist

dentist-269x300The title to this post should send a sense of dread and anxiety to most people.  I know I felt that way yesterday when I was strongly urged by my wife to get a checkup from our new dentist.  My family just started a new dental plan, so we decided to make Perfect Smile Dental Care our new dental clinic.  I must confess I haven’t been to the dentist in over 10 years, so I was fearing a very bad report.  I had visions of painful dental x-rays and prodding metal instruments in my mouth.  Not to mention hearing the old Bill Cosby “Dentist” routine in my head.  Thankfully, none of that was the case.  This office had all of the latest technology and a very friendly staff.  I was offered a bottle of water while I waited for my appointment.  There was very little paperwork to fill out.  In fact, most of it was done in the dentist chair electronically.

Now as you might imagine, keeping away from dental cleanings for 10 years does come with a price.  There is the need for not just one visit, but a few to get my teeth and gums back to health.  However, Dr. Bajoria and the hygienist were re-assuring and comforting in my visit.  I felt at ease and am confident that they will do a fantastic job at getting my dentistry back on track.  My wife on the other hand, had a simple cleaning and very few issues with her teeth.  Now her beautiful smile is even lovelier.  Now, instead of dreading my dental appointments in the future I think I will not mind them nearly as much.

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One thought on “A Trip to the Dentist

  1. Good for you for braving it out and going even with the “painful visions.”

    It definitely does improve your health, not just your teeth but your whole body.

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